Common Hindi Phrases You Need To Know

Why should you learn some common Hindi phrases? Well, it could be to help you understand your favourite Bollywood movies or maybe you’re planning a trip to India and want to know some common Hindi phrases to help you get around. If so, then this post is for you!

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Common Hindi Phrases


Although a lot of people in India can speak some English, knowing a few basic, common Hindi phrases can go a long way. Whilst there are hundreds of languages and dialects spoken in India, Hindi is spoken and understood widely across the country.

Hello/HiNamaste / Namaskar
How are you? (formal)Aap kaise hai?
How are you? (informal)Sab theek? / kya haal hai?
I’m fine, you?Main theek hoon. Tum?
Thank youDhanyavad / Shukriya
Excuse meSuniye
SorryMaaf kijiye
Bye / See youPhir milenge
See you tomorrowKal milenge
OkayTheek hai
Goodnight Shubh raatri

Introducing Yourself

It’s always useful to be able to introduce yourself in Hindi and the people of India will be super happy to see you trying to speak their language. Give these common Hindi phrases a go:

What’s your name? (formal)Aapka naam kya hai?
What’s your name? (informal)Tumhara naam kya hai?
My name is …..Mera naam ….. hai
Nice to meet youAapse milkar khushi huee
Where are you from?Aap kaha se hai?
I am from …..Main ….. se hoon


It can be really helpful to know some Hindi phrases relating to shopping. As a foreigner in India, you will often experience shopkeepers offering you very high prices. They may sometimes quote a price 4 to 5 times higher than the actual price so it’s important to be able to bargain. Here’s some key phrases to help:

How much is this?Yeh kitnay ka hai
What’s the price?Kyaa daam hai?
I want itMujhe yah chaahiye
I don’t want itMujhe nahi chaahiye
This is too muchBahut zyaada hai
Lower the priceDaam kum keejiye
I like thisMujhe pasand hai
I don’t like thisMujhe pasand nahi hai

Getting Around

You may struggle to communicate whilst travelling around the cities of India e.g. if you’re getting a taxi or even if you’re lost so it can be really handy to learn a few of these phrases to make getting around super easy.

English Hindi
I need a taxiMujhe ek taiksee chahiye
Take me to the metro station, pleaseMetro stesan le calo
Where can I get a ticket?Tikat kidhar milegaa
A ticket to Mumbai pleaseMumbai kaa tikat caahiye
Is this the right bus for the airport?Kya yeh hawai adde ke liye sahi bas hai?
Where is the toilet?Taayalait kaha hai?

In A Restaurant

Indian cuisine is so delicious and you definitely don’t want to miss out. Most restaurants will have an English menu or will speak English but they will be excited to see you trying to speak their language so try out a few of these phrases when you’re eating out!

Food Khana
Water Paani
I need a bottle of waterMujhe ek bottle paani chahiye
I would like ….Main chaahoonga ….
Do you have ….Kya aapke paas ….
I’m hungryMujhe bhook lagi hai
I’m thirstyMujhe pyaas lagi hai
I am a vegetarianMain saakaahaarii hoon
It’s delicious Ye bahut svaadist hai


It can be really useful to learn a few numbers in Hindi especially for bargaining whilst shopping. Here’s a few:

100Ek Sau

Useful Questions/Phrases

It may be worth learning a few of these useful questions and common Hindi phrases to help you on your trip just in case you get into any trouble.

I don’t speak HindiMujhe hindi nahiin aatii
Do you speak English? Kyaa aapako angrezii aatii hai?
What time is it?Kitane baje hain?
I don’t understandMujhe samaj nahiin aayaa
Can you help me?Kya aap meri madaad karenge
I’m feeling sick Merii tabiiyat kharaab hai

These common Hindi phrases should help you get around during your trip to India. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all as many people in India do speak some English so you shouldn’t have too many issues.

Happy travels!

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